The fifth sun

The Fifth Sun, 2017

Mixed media installation of Ink on hemp fabric 2.2 meter diameter artwork + video projection with sound, 9 minutes, 44 seconds.

Music by: Mary Rapp



The Four Suns, 2017

Ink on hemp fabric and polymer clay sculptures. 40cm diameter each. 

As part of the 21,39 safar group show, 2017 in jeddah, Saudi Arabia, I explored the fifth sun creation myth of the Mesoamerican people and found parallels (and lessons) between it and our current state. Many creation myths speak of a universe that operates in great cycles. A coming and going of people through a rhythm of creation and destruction. The Mesoamerican people state that there has been four such cycles [or suns] since the dawn of the human race and that we now dwell within the fifth sun or epoch. 

The first sun lasted for 4008 years. This was the time of the giants, who were destroyed by a flood and a permanent rain. Humans were turned into fish. The second sun lasted for 4010 years and the people of that time were destroyed by a powerful wind. Humans were turned into monkeys and grabbed onto the trees to survive. The third sun spanned 4081 years. Everything was destroyed by a rain of fire from the sky that turned the earth into lava. Humans became birds to flee the inferno. The fourth sun lasted for 5026 years. A great rain and flood came and swept away the mountains. Humans became fish once again. 

Our current sun, the fifth sun, is the sun of movement. It is said to be the time when the earth will rattle. A time when one man will sacrifice another in the hopes that the impending catastrophe might be averted and the earth may be silenced. This ink that crashes down upon The Fifth Sun installation is symbolic of the forces we have unleashed upon ourselves. War, conflict, greed and the rapid destruction of our environment. We have thrown our destructive actions up into the heavens and watched them crash down onto us. We blame the Gods for our faults and curse the celestial cycles for our own self inflected destruction. We today are the reason why The Fifth Sun rumbles still.