Living ideas

Living ideas, 2017, Artits in Labs, Zurich.JPG

During his three month Artists in Labs residency program at the Department of Environmental Microbiology, Eawag in Zurich, Shono, as an outcome of several scientific and creative observations along with the research team, questioned the origins and originality of ideas by imagining them as a microbial life that has begun manifesting itself across the research campus. 

By visualising this organism as a mind map of ideas and presenting this structure as a living and complex idea microbiome, researchers were invited to discuss their work, and were asked "how original do you think are your ideas?"and "How would they behave if they were a living organism?" 

These questions and discussions, influenced the evolution and design of the work. How do ideas connect and grow? How do ideas stick and flourish while others remain isolated and die? What motivates ideas to spread and survive? What is an original idea and can it truly exist in isolation from the grater idea network?  Researchers were invited to observe and reflect on their own work through this installation.